Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday, Feb. 7

Science Fair:

  • Today we watched the following video; Scientific Method Video
  • Thursday, Feb. 9 & Friday, Feb. 10 we will be completing experiments so please bring all necessary supplies
  • Boards are available to purchase at the school for $5.00; first come, first serve
Literature Circles:
  • Today we began our Literature Circle Criteria
  • Expectation: Every Wednesday students will be bringing their book home and they are expected to read 1 chapter aloud to an adult. The students are focusing on reading with expression and reading the punctuation (when there is a period or comma stop and breathe). Please ask questions and discuss the book with them. Ask about connections, favorite parts, characters they like/dislike, etc. 
Library tomorrow

Bad Dancing for Spirit Week

Math Vocab Quiz Thursday, Feb. 9

For SS Timeline Parent Letter

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