Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday, December 16

Math Graphing Due Friday, Dec. 18

Holiday Concert Tomorrow
1:15 pm Performance
6:10 PM for the night time performance starts at 6:30PM

Camping/Potluck Lunch/Secret Santa/Electronic/PJ/Movie Day is Friday

Signed Reports Envelopes ASAP

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 15

Graphing Assignment - Due Friday
Today all of the students collected their data and they will be creating their graph tomorrow

Holiday Concert is on Thursday, asked to be at the school 6:10pm

Party/PJ/Electronic/Movie Day/Potluck Lunch/Secret Santa gift by Friday

Signed Report Card Envelope ASAP

Christmas Colours - Friday

Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday, December 14

Signed report card envelopes need to be returned

Math Graphing assignment is due this Friday

Students have a hard copy of the Math Graphing Assignment but if you would like to take a peak at it, it is posted in our Google Classroom. To access our Google Classroom students will need to sign into their GEDU account:

password: student number

They then can click on the following link OR click on the Google Classroom Icon and choose our class!

Holiday costumes are to be at the school tomorrow please!

Holiday Concert is this Thursday, December 17th at 6:30pm but doors will open for the students at 6:10 pm

Our Camping/PJ/Electronic/Movie Day is Friday, December 18th

Secret Santa is Friday, December 18th as is our Potluck Lunch. Sign up is on the classroom door I will also send an electronic link by tomorrow as well if that is more convenient.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Report Card Day

One week left of school! Wow, time flies when you are having fun. 

Holly has been closely watching our class and I believe she is reporting wonderful things to Santa, as the class has been great! The students have earned their Camp Out/PJ/Electronic/Movie Day. They really choose wisely when picking out their prize! Unfortunately, we will not be able to use the community room therefore it will be in our classroom on Friday, December 18. The students also brainstormed and decided they would like to do a Secret Santa gift exchange and a potluck lunch; therefore we will also do this on Friday, December 18.

For Secret Santa, we decided the gift should cost between $5-$10. The students have already drawn names and we will do the gift exchange on Friday, the 18th.  On Monday, I will post a sign-up sheet outside our classroom for the potluck lunch.

The Holiday Concert is on Thursday, December 17th, and Mrs. Froese has asked for students to have their costumes at school on Monday. If your child does not have any African themed clothing, we will be making some on Monday.  Our class did very well singing today during choir practice.

Thank you very much to Mrs. Hooley for helping out during Big Buddies today, as our room got really busy and messy.  (But it was well worth it!)

Your child should have brought home their report card, as they did go home today.

If you order any Purdy’s Chocolates, they will go home sometime next week. 

We will be having another member join our class next week, Squeaker the Guinea Pig.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday, Dec. 10

Spelling Test - from last week

We are going to do an optional Secret Santa. That means you must buy a gift that is between $5-$10!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Good Evening - Classroom Update

Only 8 days left of school before the Winter Break! Time flies when you’re having fun. 

Tomorrow our class is going to Mary Poppins. Please ensure your child has had a hearty breakfast. We will have snack prior to leaving and if your child really needs it they can have a quick snack during intermission. We will be having lunch when we return to the school at 2:00pm. Our class will be with their Little Buddies, and intermission is only 15 minutes long.

The Intermediates won the school wide challenge and they will be receiving their prize this Thursday.

This Friday is Hot Lunch! Thank you PAC for providing us with the hot lunch opportunities. Report cards go home this Friday, too.

We had another student join our class this month and her name is Holly, our very own scout elf for Santa Claus. She’s watching to make sure we are on task! If you get a chance, stop in to check out our new reading teepee.  We have only 18 marbles left and they will have earned our classroom prize of a camp-out, electronic/movie/PJ day!

Mark your calendars; the Holiday Concert is Thursday, December 17 at 6:30pm. In case you did not get the newsletter from Mrs. Froese here are the pertinent details from her;
  • African set and a festive holiday set
  • changing in classrooms not change rooms or washrooms
  • basic black (or dark) top & bottom
  • sturdy, clean shoes (no high heels)
  • clothing item such as a T-shirt or pyjama pants for African Marimba set in yellow, orange, red, leafy green, or African animal print. This costume piece should not obscure your child’s face or restrict movement/ability to play instruments
  • a clothing item or accessory for our holiday set in red, green, white or festive print/plaid
  • optional “ugly sweater or scarf” (I already got mine!) for part of our holiday set, best in holiday colours
  • Paper gift bag or shopping bag that can stand on it’s own, labelled with student’s name, for the sweater or scarf (not too big, as it will be on the risers or stage with the students) Note: Students do not need to bring a paper gift bag if they do not have an ugly sweater or scarf
  • Have labelled items at school for a dress rehearsal no later than Monday, December 14
  • If your child DOES NOT plan to attend the night performance please let me know

Whoa! I think that is all for now.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, Dec. 8

Mary Poppins tomorrow!

Hot lunch Friday!

Friday, December 4, 2015

We are going to Mary Poppins on the 9th of December!

Skating is January 13 & March 2!

No School on Monday!

I apologize but we had no internet therefore spelling test can be at home for those who want to do!!!

Notice about Christmas Concert!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 3

Oops! We will NOT be going skating on December 9 as we will be attending the Mary Poppins show! Our skating days are on January 13th & March 2nd, so please disregard the permission slip for skating!

No skating because Mary Poppins!

Link for CFJC News 

Spelling test tomorrow

Wednesday, December 2, 2015