Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday, May 17

May is almost over! I apologize for being away this last two days. This is a quick note to remind everyone that we have gymnastics tomorrow Thursday, May 18 and our bake sale is on Friday. The bake sale is a fundraising event to pay for Charlotte Thompson.  As our school is nut aware please do not send any baked goods containing nuts. If you are having trouble of coming up with an idea of what to bake here is an excellent resource shared to me by a parent: Bake Better Bites 

Next, Tuesday, May 24 is the Zone Track Meet at Hillside Stadium for all of the students who qualified.

In the classroom, we have begun our literature circles and students are reading either Charlotte’s Web, Owls in the Family, Holes or Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing. 
Majority of students have finished their rough draft for their fractured fairy tale and are in the process of completing their final presentation for it.  In science, we have been learning about matter. Whoa! In math we have begun our division unit. Students will find this concept frustrating if they do not have a strong understanding of basic multiplication facts. While completing their assignments students do have access to a multiplication table but if they know these facts by heart it makes the division concepts easier to understand. Mathplayground has several games devoted to multiplication and division facts as well as math prodigy.

I know this is a busy time of year and sometimes students do not always have time for homework and reading. But, it is important that they do read at least 15 minutes each day and even better if they get a chance to practice reading out loud. 

Mark your Calendars:
Wednesday, June 8 as our class, Ms. Saemerow and Mr. Ruddick’s class will be travelling to the McQueen Lake day center to participate in several survival skill activities.  I will be needing parent volunteers for this day in order to make it a success.

Wednesday, June 22 Brock Outdoor swimming pool we will be going there with Mr. Ruddick, Ms. Saemerow, and Ms. Moretti’s class.

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